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7 reasons to have a business website

Business Website and why you need one

"Why do I need a business website, I already have a Facebook Page?"
- Quoted By Too Many Small Business Owners

When it comes to a Business Website, too many small business owners have this question . Anyone who has been in digital marketing, social media or website design has heard this.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you either have a business website or are considering building one. There’s no denying the importance of having a website for your business in today’s world. Whether it be to simply stay competitive with other businesses in your industry or to gain more customers, there is a need for websites and they can help you reach those goals! In this blog post we will go over 7 reasons why every business needs a website and how it effects them.So, stick around till the end of this list if you are interested in attracting more traffic and sales from your targeted audience.

For rest of you! Please come back next year when you see your friends converting a fortune with the help of their business website.

Top 7 Reasons to Start Your Business Website

40% of consumers don’t trust a company with out a business website!

A well-structured, well developed business website is your number one marketing asset because we live in a digital world. Americans spend an average of 23+ hours online each week and up to 10 hours on their handheld devices.

People don’t believe businesses without a website, so it is important to have one or risk losing out on potential customers. With so much time to think about something and research over a business, people don’t find businesses without a website credible enough in most of the cases.

A website is an effective way to market your business and tell customers more about what you offer. It gives insight into the philosophy, culture, integrity and longevity of your business.

A business Website increases revenue and ROI

In this age of digital everything, it is relatively inexpensive to build a website. While traditionally, in the early 2000’s, it was way too expensive and costly to build and maintain a website, but today it’s not near as bad.

It will enable you to hit a larger audience market to advertise your services or goods. The quality of the website often affects the purchasing decisions and exchange, independent of the niche your business is in or the area your business is located.

Opening up your business’s digital location on a new website allows you to open your business up to the entire world, not matter where they are located. The average ROI on website that was professional designed and developed is around 419%. You also have a better chance of ranking higher in the search engine results pages for your area or location with a website, rather than just using your facebook page.

Website adds credibility to the businesses

Everyone has a website these days. It’s hard to find any business without one these days and the ones that don’t are probably not going to be around for long. A website can help you get more customers by adding credibility, look like an expert in your industry, and make it easier for people who want information about your services or products. Trust is a huge factor with younger generations looking for new products or hiring a company for a service. If you have a website and one of your competitors doesn’t it can be easier to get someone’s trust.

A good business website can win against big brands on search results

The reality is, a good website (<–Click for and example on a good business website) can outrank big box brands on search engine results when content and keywords are optimized.

Optimizing for correct keywords will improve the traffic to your website and affect your customer’s conversion to a sale, which normally starts with analysis, feedback, and reviews that we call SEO. One of the many opportunities to threaten the industry is to get a leading role in the search results list. Therefore, if you do not dominate the online visibility you are not giving customer reasons to buy from you vs the big brands. When a website is built with a purpose, strategy and content is key, your small business’s brand can end up ranking higher than bigger names, especially if your website is built to target local rankings as well as overall SEO rankings.

Showcase your offers and discounts

It cannot be emphasized enough that the first contact many customers have with your business is through your website. You are in complete control of how you brand yourself, and not only can you display specific facts or details on your offerings available on your website, but you can also include brief videos highlighting products or services as well as helpful “How-to’s” or “PDF Guides.”

You will also highlight your promotions, ratings and all the features that will relieve the discomfort of your visitors. This raises the total time the consumers spent on the website and may affect their option and lead to a new conversion.

All your competitors already have a business website (probably....)

I can hear my mother asking, ” If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you….. ,but if you don’t have a website, it’s likely your competition is ahead of you. Not having a website  means that potential customers can’t get to know more about who you are and what products or services you provide, which in turn leads your could-be customers to your competitors.
If you don’t have a website for your company, it means you will have a game of catch up to play. That’s why we’re here! Our web development and web design service is meant to make life easy for you, our customer.


How to get a beautiful and ROI driven website designed?

Website Designers and Website Developers at Marketography, understanding the importance of having a functional, converting, stunning website and how it effects your business goals.

We can help you with your business’s new website and to help you keep up with competition.

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Your website is one of the most important pieces of your marketing puzzle. It can be a valuable tool to showcase offers and discounts, increase revenue or ROI, add credibility to your business, and provide potential customers with contact information for you. The best part? You don’t need be overwhelmed and try to learn all the best practices, SEO copywriting, how to use photoshop, plus learning 20 different forms of development languages and Klingon – we do that! If all this sounds good but overwhelming (it does), reach out today for a free discovery call so we can help you design the perfect website solution for your needs.

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