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Your brand may have a voice, but does it have a face?


Starting at $600

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Basic Brand Videos Include:

  • 170-word script
  • 1 Brand Representative (see below for options)
  • 1 royalty free music track for background music (optional)
  • In Studio Shoot (White, Black, or Grey) Included. Other Locations Require A Custom Quote. (Product Demos Include shoots Studio)
  • Basic Logo Intro & Ending
  • Length depends on the amount of content and delivery, but generally around 1 minute.

Additional Add-Ons (Not included in Basic Videos):

  • Add-Ons (not included in price):
  • YouTube End Card ($150) – What is a YouTube End Card?
  • Additional video editing such as custom motion graphic work, etc. (Custom Quote)
  • Additional Length ($200 per additional 100 words of content)
  • Alternative Location or Green screen ($150)
  • Additional charges required for shooting outside our campus for traveling, etc.
  • Additional Camera Angle ($150)
  • Stock Footage ($100 per clip 
  • Specific Outfits (Provided By client)
    *We can provide actor sizing upon request
  • Create smaller videos from main video. ($150 per video)
  • Other needs? If you can think it, we can do it! Just ask for a custom quote


Starting at only $1200, you can Make the most of your budget with a Brand Rep Ad Package. These packages allow you to get your message out in an engaging and concise way that also allows for retargeting potential customers through various forms of short messaging after initial contact has been established. This means A-B testing is available which will help find what really resonates with people so they’ll convert into paying clients!


Your customers want to know what you have for them, so make sure your message is brief and sweet. The video should be about 50-60 seconds of content that will quickly show them what they are missing out on when they don’t purchase from you!

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3 Videos are inluded in the basic brand rep package
(additional videos can be added at $200 each)

The Retargeting Video Ads (6-15 seconds) are then shown to potential customers that watch a portion of the main video and display different messages. The purpose of these ads is twofold. The first objective of the ad is to reduce mental fatigue in viewers by providing them with three quick options.; Second, they educate customers about the advantages of your product or service while testing their response for the most relevant message



Play Video
Play Video

The Production Process

Keep in mind that current queue times and delays are a possibility.
All time ranges are an estimate and listed as business days, not calendar days.



The video goals are the foundation for a successful project. With these in mind, we work with you to create an engaging script and storyboard that will engage your audience from start to finish.

Also, the tone of your video can make or break it, so we’ll work with you to create a voice that speaks directly to the people who matter most: your customers.

The output should always be more creative and engaging

Script & storyboard (7 days)

The script/storyboard provides a map for video production. Here we are laying out the actor, location, wardrobe, music choice and spoken lines for the video so that you can follow along with your own set of directions to make this project happen!

This is where the story of your video comes to life


Storyboard & finalization of the script


Scheduling is one of the most stressful parts about shooting a video. It can be hard to get everyone’s schedules synced up, but once everything goes according to plan it will all seem worth it in the end! The more assets needed for the shoot, the longer it may take to get everything lined up for the same day(s).


shooting day (1-7 days)

We use the storyboard as a guide to producing the video discussed. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in production. If issues arise, we do our best to continue through the shooting day despite production issues. This is an attempt to save you time & money rather than rescheduling your shoot! You’re welcome and encouraged (but not required) to attend filming if only for executive decisions on set with us present or via Skype/Facetime video conferencing.


VIDEO editing (1-7 Days)

The raw footage collected on the shooting day and the storyboard is used to build the bones of your new video. You will receive a rough cut of your video. Here you need to look at structure and story.  Pay attention to any glaringly obvious issues that may have not been caught by our editors. The edit will feel very rough, but I promise it’ll improve!



FINAL EDIT (1-3 Days)

Once feedback ahs been received on the rough cut of your new video, we will make any corrections and put the final touch on the produced masterpiece. From here you will have one last chance for any changes. 




While we want your production to be the best it can be, the production process catches 99% of all must-haves established at the beginning of the project. Delaying project completion also delays your marketing and a potential ROI. Any revisions beyond the revision time (3 days after final proof is delivered) of the edited video are not included and paid at an hourly rate of $250.